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If love and lust are twisted, the fairytale becomes unexpected…

This collection of poly and RH (and so much more) short stories is packed with the lore and fairytales you all know and love, but with twists and turns that’ll make you hungry for more.

**Please beware these stories are meant for someone 18+ and may contain adult language and content. Some stories may contain triggers so please dive in at your own risk. **

Sera Miller has woken up straddling a corpse more times than she can count. During her blackouts she leaves a mounting trail of mutilated, dismembered bodies in her wake. Inventing an alter ego to cope with the destruction she causes, Sera struggles with the knowledge that any tryst she engages in will ultimately end in her date’s gruesome death. It doesn’t help that men constantly seek her out; her inhuman charm and beauty draw them to her no matter how hard she tries to avoid it.

Sera is perplexed to learn that the FBI is seeking two individuals in the serial murders. Does she have a stalker, or is her alter ego working with someone? It’s as much a mystery to her as it is to the authorities. Complicating matters further, Sera’s best friend and roommate begins dating FBI agent Jeff Robertson, who suspects something supernatural at work in the killings.

Can Sera stop her inner killer before the FBI closes in, or will her demons take over?

Alice is sick of the dating scene. Men only want one thing, anyway–well, make that two things. She’s desperate to do something to fend off unwanted advances, but her drunken solution starts her on an unexpected journey that begins and ends in a tattoo parlor.

After walking through literal Hell as a teenager, college seems so stupid. I finished high school and got my diploma for Lena’s sake, but honestly, what am I going to do with a college degree? I’m a witch, born and raised, and that’s not something the professors at Nowhere U are equipped to deal with.

I need a good teacher, someone who can show me the ins and outs of Hell magic. Now that I’ve tapped into it, I can’t imagine going back to my family’s carnal magic roots. Give me Hell, or give me death.

Imagine my surprise, then, when an old acquaintance shows up at my front door on my eighteenth birthday. Asmodeus, the demon Prince of Lust, seems keen on spending time with me, but if He thinks I’m like my sister, He’s going to be disappointed. I want nothing to do with His brand of magic, but maybe I can take advantage of His offer to help.

After all, what better way to learn about Hell magic than straight from the demon’s mouth?


If I have to listen to the neighborhood Karen gripe about her HOA rules one more time, I’m going to lose it. It doesn’t help that she’s trying to push me out because she has a thing against singles. In her opinion, the neighborhood should be filled with cookie cutter couples who have two point five children and a purebred dog. No cats, and certainly no single women. I’d move, but I’m too stubborn to back down now. Besides, there’s a new neighbor joining the HOA. Maybe we can team up against Karen …


With Lisa gone, it’s up to me to raise Hailey. I manage to find a nice place that I can afford in a good school system, but the head of the HOA is arguing with me at every turn. She’s constantly accusing me of bringing strange women home. I don’t know where she got the idea that I’m some kind of gigolo, but all I want is a good home for Hailey. I can barely handle one four-year-old girl, let alone the throngs of adult women Karen expects at my door! At least my new neighbor seems to sympathize …

Christmas has come to Nowhere, and Kellar, Korey, Emerson, and Winston are gearing up for their first holiday together. Little do they know, however, that there’s a surprise holiday delivery in store!

This is a reverse harem novella, and it is meant to be read after Irresistible Monstrosities.

There’s something in Hunting Woods …

… something hungry.

Kit’s sister Cassie met her end in Hunting Woods, along with several of her friends. Now, three years later, something in the woods is killing teens again—and stalking Kit. With no evidence and no leads, the nearby Carlton Heights police are baffled as to who or what is slaughtering the residents of the sleepy New England town.

Determined to avenge Cassie’s death and get to the bottom of things, Kit dives into the disturbing history of Carlton Heights and Hunting Woods, bringing her closer and closer to the killer.

No one knows what’s murdering people in the woods. No one knows what danger lurks.

No one knows how close Kit is to the truth.

Forgive me, Igni, for I have sinned. I laid with a wolf, and now their Elders have ordered my death.

Shunned by the convent that raised me, with precious few allies left, my mate and I must raise an army while evading the death squads sent to sniff us out. Both panther and wolf must set aside generational grudges to expose the Elders’ corruption before the solar ascension.

Time ticks on. The days grow long, the nights recede, and our options grow slim.

The final war is coming. We all have our parts to play, and one wrong move could end the panther tribe and secure the Elders’ hold on the wolves.

What’s worse than being mated to an alien warrior? Finding out your new mate is exiled to Earth, which means your hopes of getting off this forsaken rock just went out the window of his broken down spaceship.

In this limited edition collection of romances you’ll find heroes and heroines thrown into heart-pounding adventures as they help their alien mates escape condemnation to exile on Earth, while others settle into a comfortable almost-human existence.

Out of this world romance can be found here on Earth with this limited edition collection of alien romances brought to you by a diverse group of USA Today bestselling authors along side some new and notable voices in the genre. Explore a whole new world of intergalactic intrigue!

As a Suntouched Soul, the first born in generations, I’ve lived a life of privilege. With the guidance of the Elders, I’m on track to take over leadership of the wolf tribes. There’s just one catch: I have to marry Corvin, a high-ranking male in our army, to attain the throne.

Problem is, I have no interest in Corvin—or any male for that matter.

While the Elders plot my wedding, set for the next solar event, the panther tribes nip at our heels, causing strife and distracting me from my duties.

As if this wasn’t enough on my plate, I come across another Suntouched Soul while on a routine patrol in the woods. She’s badly hurt, near death, and it’s up to me to get her to the healers before it’s too late.

Mystery surrounds this gorgeous woman. Will I uncover her secrets before they end me?

“A kraken, a dragon, and a gargoyle walk into a bank…”

It’s not a terrible joke; it’s just another Monday in Nowhere.

For Kellar Stone, it’s an unexpected twist. When she accidentally causes an accidental bank heist, three strange half-men whisk her away to the mountains outside Nowhere. At first, she’s rightfully pissed, but then she starts to see the men beneath the monsters, and suddenly the lines between right and wrong, black and white, monster and lover blur beyond recognition.

Will Kellar stay with the monstrous men, or will she be able to resist?

Miguel Hunter always envied what his cousins had with their mate, Cherry… but as a submissive wolf AND a gay man, finding love was going to be tough.

Enter Tyrell Dean: Tall, buff, and Alpha through and through. Miguel smells his wolf on him the moment Tyrell enters the bar, but he never dreamed this dreamy wolf shifter from out of town would be interested in a sub like him!

Should Miguel succumb to Tyrell’s Alpha advances, or should the hunted wolf make a break for it?

For enchantress Karrye Gibbons, being committed for nymphomania isn’t too bad. The facility is coed, at least, and offers plenty of eligible mages for her to choose from…until, that is, a patient is admitted who’s immune to her charms.

Enter Whittaker Franklin, an ex-military interrogator who happens to be an anti-mage. No magic can work within twenty feet of Whit, but that’s not going to stop Karrye. She’s determined to win him over, but when strange new therapies begin in the basement, things get complicated. Can Karrye and Whit find out what’s going on at Palmore’s and stop it before everything goes to hell?

Cherry Duvall’s had a rough week.

After escaping an abusive, controlling ex with her jugular barely intact, Cherry finds out Eric’s skipped bail—and he’s out for her blood. Cherry jumps on her motorcycle, and it’s through the woods to grandmother’s house she goes in an attempt to get out of town while the getting’s good.

Too bad Eric beat her there. Cherry’s too late to save her granny, and things get hairy when Eric threatens her with his knife.

Things get even hairier when five larger-than-life wolves appear in her granny’s cabin to battle Cherry’s attacker.

Dive into a world of sexy shifters and pack dynamics in this steamy reverse harem romp!

Molli Brighton’s backpacking trip to Ireland has turned into a soggy mess.

With no cash, no idea where she’s going, and no one to call, Molli resorts to eating wild berries in the woods to stave off starvation. Little does she know the deal she’s just made by eating a fae food offering…

Enter a realm of magic and intrigue as Molli discovers a soul binding centuries in the making—and encounters the wrath of a faerie Queen in the process.

Molli may have to face the Queen, but she definitely won’t have to choose in this otherworldly reverse harem novel.

Elena Galley’s no stranger to the seedy underbelly of the mystic arts. As a ninth-generation carnal witch, Elena knows the ins and outs of magical dealings better than most of her peers, so when her family is murdered and her sister kidnapped during an attack by a rival coven, she knows exactly where to go to seek out her vengeance…straight to Hell.

The demon Asmodeus’s incubus minions welcome Elena with open arms. They know the stakes, and they know she needs the power of more than just one coupling if she’s to gather enough strength to take on her opponents. Elena must sign an infernal contract to seal the deal, but with nothing left to lose, she lays it all on the line—including her heart—in a last-ditch effort to destroy her enemies and save her sister.

All she has to do is redeem four hell-spawned incubi … and herself.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in this devilishly good reverse harem novel.

Cherry Hunter thought life as a newly-changed wolf shifter with five hot shifter brothers as her mates was complicated enough. Little did she know what would be in store for her when the tall, dark-skinned stranger entered the bar where she worked.

Now, with a demon Prince’s pleas ringing in her ears, she has to convince her mates to take up the cause and help stop a literal Hell on Earth from coming.

The Hunters thought they were the biggest predators in Nowhere, but they’re about to find out that there are bigger, more dangerous monsters lurking in the tiny nexus town.

Life after her return from Ireland has been rough for Molli Brighton. With no marketable skills of her own, no degree, and no job training, Molli and her three ex-fae lovers struggle to make ends meet.

To Molli’s surprise, though, one day a tall, exotic stranger knocks on her door with an offer:

Help my daughter-in-law save the Earth, and I’ll give your boyfriends their magic back.

It’s an offer that Molli can’t afford to refuse, though how she can help stop a demonic apocalypse is a mystery.

Join Molli, Kalen, Oren, and Finn as they try to work out a solution to the demonic invasion in this second installment of the Hell on Earth paranormal reverse harem trilogy.

Elena Galley: sister, lover, witch, and now mother.

One might think that with four incubi lovers to lend a hand, new motherhood might be a breeze. With two imprisoned and one missing, though, it makes things more difficult. Add in the fact that Satan Himself has possessed her son, and Lena’s got a lot to handle.

She’s got some help, courtesy of Asmodeus, her demon Prince of a Father-in-law, but even that help comes with its own brand of unique headaches.

Can Elena and her crew of supernatural beings put an end to the rising demon apocalypse?

Can they stop Hell on Earth?

This third installment of the Hell on Earth trilogy is a paranormal reverse harem romance with adult scenes and situations and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

For Sniper Gia Corran, entry into the prestigious Gene Squad Academy is a dream come true. She throws herself into her training, but little does she know that her first mission will test her in more ways than one.

Can Gia handle learning the truth, or will it tear her apart?

“I didn’t mean to kill them.”

In Heaven’s Light, the difference between a genetic Gift and an Abnormality is determined by the number of credits in your parent’s bank account. Gifts are reserved for the wealthy, and Abnormals are terminated—in the parent’s best interest, of course. Clare Rhodes is used to life under the radar. She uses her abnormality on a stranger at the club and finds an oil-slick of nightmares. The horrific visions invade her mind as she slips deeper… Knives. Fists. Fire. He knows more about her than anyone should. He even knows her Norm-ID is a fake.

She didn’t mean to kill him. On the run and off the grid are Clare’s only options.

ESCAPE IS HER ONLY OPTION . . .Nine months after her capture, Clare Rhoades remains a prisoner of Head Councilman Ezekiel Howard, hidden away in a secret room in his penthouse at the Council Tower in Heaven’s Light. Loneliness and despair threaten to consume Clare, and if not for a strong telepathic bond with the daughter in her womb, she might well go mad from the silence brought on by the PsyBlock in her brain.

Once her daughter is born, Ezekiel rips her out of Clare’s arms and puts his dastardly plan into motion. Within weeks she’s pregnant again, though this bond is tainted, marred by Ezekiel’s oily influence.

Clare has one chance to save the child growing within her: She must escape Heaven’s Light and seek out the safety of the Dead Cities before Ezekiel’s corruption becomes permanent. Little does she know, however, that other plots have been hatched. Ezekiel’s not the only threat to Clare and the Abnormals, and an enemy even more sinister waits in the shadows to assume control and rise to power.

A girl, her three lovers, and a mystery weapon set to self-destruct … What could go wrong?

When Abnormal Telepath Kylie Martin and her three male companions steal a dangerous weapon from the Gifted Squads to discover its secrets, it’s a race against time to unlock the device before the self-destruct goes off and the data is lost forever.

Will she and her lovers complete their mission before the Witching Hour strikes?

This is an intense reverse harem novella with multiple love interests where Kylie does not have to choose.

Though she escaped her imprisonment in Heaven’s Light, Clare cannot escape the child growing inside her, nor the toll he’s taking on her body. The physical strain affects those close to her as well, and Clare finds herself fighting with Eli and Harper on the home front while she watches as her fellow Abnormals engage Alyssa’s Gifted forces on the battlefield.

Giving birth to Alyssa’s implanted son might seem like the end to both the war and her marital strife, but no one is prepared for Clare’s attachment to the child. She refuses to return him to his biological mother, prolonging the conflict between Gifteds and Abnormals. She refuses, even, to leave his side …

Something’s wrong with Clare, and if Eli and Harper can’t figure it out, it might spell the end of everything for the triad—and for the Abnormals.