Hell on Earth – Signed Paperback Trilogy


In Nowhere, NC, Hell is more than a curse–it’s downtown.

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The phrase “Hell on Earth” has many meanings to many different people.

To the citizens of the small town of Nowhere, North Carolina, it’s about to take on a more literal interpretation.

Enter Asmodeus, the demon Prince of Lust. Since one of His children discovered a way for demons to infiltrate the earthly plane, Lucifer and the other Princes of Hell have charged Him with preventing such an uprising. Not one to dirty His own hands—and not knowing who to trust—Asmodeus seeks out the mother of His grandson for aid.

She agrees to help out her pseudo Father-in-law on one condition: Find her some reinforcements. Since Nowhere’s a nexus town, rife with metaphysical ley lines and magical nodes, Asmodeus has no trouble finding a few helping hands.

A wolf shifter pack to sniff out demonic magic.

A young woman and her excommunicated fae lovers to study, dissect, and counter the dangerous magics being used to facilitate the demonic migration.

And of course, Asmodeus’s own sons and daughter-in-law, who helped stop the initial incursion from His rebellious daughter.

Together, these three groups must face off against possessed humans, demon sympathizers, hellhounds, and more in this paranormal why choose trilogy about love, lust, and the fate of the human race.

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