The Mage Asylum – Signed Paperback


Palmore’s Home for Wayward Mages is more than just an asylum to enchantress Karrye–it’s home. When an anti-mage is admitted who is immune to her charms, however, she finds that there’s more to life than a quick fling.

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For enchantress Karrye Gibbons, being committed for nymphomania isn’t too bad. The facility is coed, at least, and offers plenty of eligible mages for her to choose from…until, that is, a patient is admitted who’s immune to her charms.

Enter Whittaker Franklin, an ex-military interrogator who happens to be an anti-mage. No magic can work within twenty feet of Whit, but that’s not going to stop Karrye. She’s determined to win him over, but when strange new therapies begin in the basement, things get complicated. Can Karrye and Whit find out what’s going on at Palmore’s and stop it before everything goes to hell?

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