Signed Paperback – Micah’s Girls: A Single Dad Romance


Looking for a contemporary romance without the angst? Want sweet and spicy? Try Micah’s Girls: A Single Dad Romance!

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If I have to listen to the neighborhood Karen gripe about her HOA rules one more time, I’m going to lose it. It doesn’t help that she’s trying to push me out because she has a thing against singles. In her opinion, the neighborhood should be filled with cookie cutter couples who have two point five children and a purebred dog. No cats, and certainly no single women. I’d move, but I’m too stubborn to back down now. Besides, there’s a new neighbor joining the HOA. Maybe we can team up against Karen …



With Lisa gone, it’s up to me to raise Hailey. I manage to find a nice place that I can afford in a good school system, but the head of the HOA is arguing with me at every turn. She’s constantly accusing me of bringing strange women home. I don’t know where she got the idea that I’m some kind of gigolo, but all I want is a good home for Hailey. I can barely handle one four-year-old girl, let alone the throngs of adult women Karen expects at my door! At least my new neighbor seems to sympathize …

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