News in the Abnormalverse

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’ve been searching me on the Zon, you may have noticed that the Abnormal books listings look a little different. The first book, Abnormal, is listed in audiobook and paperback only, and the paperback is listed as “out of print.” Escaping the Light, the second book, is listed only as paperback and also is listed as “out of print.”

DO NOT PANIC!! I have split amicably from RhetAskew Publishing for the Abnormal series and am in the process of getting full rights reverted to me. The ebooks for these will be down for an indeterminate time until I can get the files ready, and no new paperbacks will be available until that same time. HOWEVER, I have new covers for the first two books, a shiny cover for the third, and as soon as the files are ready, you’ll be able to get all three books in both formats again!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE ABNORMALVERSE? The Abnormalverse WILL CONTINUE! I have two more books planned for the main series, and possibly a spinoff series of another five books. I’m about 11k words into Dead Cities Rising, the fourth Abnormal book, and am getting ready to dive back in and continue writing it. I have the outline done-ish (I’m a plantser, so I don’t fully outline), and same goes for the final Abnormalverse book, Tangled Heirs. It will finish at my pace, amid my other projects, so while there may be a bit of a wait between books still, I’ll do my best not to drag them out. 😉

TL;DR: Abnormal and Escaping the Light are temporarily unavailable, but they’ll be back in pretty new covers, along with Fight the Light, the third installment!