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AJ Mullican is the author of self-published bestseller Whispers of Death, a psychosexual supernatural thriller, and Abnormal, the first in a series of sci-fi/dystopian novels, published by RhetAskew Publishing. The second in the series, Escaping the Light, was released March 30, 2021. A prequel novella is in the works for fall/winter 2021 as well, entitled Gifts Divided.

AJ is also a contributing author in the international bestsellers Hexes and Handcuffs: A Limited Edition Collection of Supernatural Prison Stories and Askew Ever After: A Contemporary Romance Collection and international and USA Today bestseller Wicked Souls: A Limited Edition Reverse Harem Romance Collection.

After dipping into romance, AJ threw herself into a collection of paranormal romance novellas, The Mage Asylum Trilogy: Palmore’s Home for Wayward Mages Paranormal Romance Collection. With her paranormal reverse harem romance series Bargains Struck, a trilogy of standalone shared-universe reverse harem novels, she created the world of Nowhere, North Carolina, where the ley lines are plentiful and the happenings are weird. This year, AJ goes back to Nowhere with the Hell on Earth trilogy.

When not writing, AJ can be found fencing with live (though blunted) steel swords and participating in historical recreation (pre-1600AD). Embroidery is her other passion (when she’s not writing), and she is nearly entirely self-taught from Pinterest tutorials. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband and two cats, Rory and River. AJ also enjoys dabbling in cosplay and can often be found at signings or conventions dressed up to display her nerdery for all to see–when there’s not a global pandemic to deal with, of course.

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