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AJ Mullican is an independent author of multiple genres. She first published in 2015 with the psychosexual supernatural thriller Whispers of Death, and her catalog has continued to grow as the years progress.

AJ’s next writing venture took her into a dystopian future in Abnormal. With two novels and three novellas published in this world—and more to come—the Abnormalverse is a rich world of class wars, genetic Gifts, and overcoming terrible odds.

In 2020, AJ threw herself into paranormal romance, creating the world of Nowhere, North Carolina, “where the ley lines are plentiful, and the happenings are weird.” She has since branched off into contemporary romance, sci-fi/alien romance, fantasy romance, and horror. AJ’s romantic works can contain a variety of relationship dynamics to include LGBT and poly relationships.

When not writing, AJ can be found fencing with live (though blunted) steel swords and participating in historical recreation (pre-1600AD). Embroidery is her other passion, and she is nearly entirely self-taught from Pinterest tutorials. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband and three cats, Rory, River, and Missy.

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