From modern-day Chicago to the seedy underbelly of Heaven’s Light to an asylum for mages and more, international and USA Today best-selling author AJ Mullican takes you away from the norm to worlds where demons are real and genetic Gifts are more common than you think. Whether it’s an escape from reality you need, a chance to explore future possibilities, or just a little happy ever after, AJ’s writing will ignite something inside you!

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Next up for the Bargains Struck trilogy: Dealing with Demons! Ninth-generation carnal witch Elena Galley and her family had a modest magic-for-hire business in Nowhere, North Carolina–until some demonic witches entered the shop and started a fight! With most of her family dead and her little sister kidnapped, Elena makes a collect call to the 666 area code for some help.

Enjoy a selection of songs that I listened to while writing Dealing with Demons! I had these and a few others on almost continuous shuffle while I wrote, so there’s no particular order to the songs–shuffle away and enjoy the mood!

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From the town that brought you wolf shifters, fae, and demons, Nowhere, North Carolina’s trio of feisty ladies will have to put it all on the line to prevent a demonic Hell on Earth in the upcoming trilogy by AJ Mullican!

Sweet romance, spicy romance, and a special Abnormal prequel story–all coming in 2021!

Rom-com, paranormal romances, and a hellishly fun urban fantasy on the docket for 2022!