From modern-day Chicago to the seedy underbelly of Heaven’s Light to an asylum for mages and more, USA Today best-selling author AJ Mullican takes you away from the norm to worlds where demons are real and genetic Gifts are more common than you think. Whether it’s an escape from reality you need, a chance to explore future possibilities, or just a little happy ever after, AJ’s writing will ignite something inside you!

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Have you read the first two Abnormalverse stories? Would you like an advanced copy of the third?? Well, have I got some good news for you! Fight the Light, the third installment of the Abnormalverse main story, is now available as an Advanced Review Copy! How do you jump on this opportunity? Just fill out this Google form (click on the photo above), and I’ll send your ARC within the week!! Then you can read it at your leisure–just leave a review once the book is live!

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“A kraken, a dragon, and a gargoyle walk into a bank…”

It’s not a terrible joke; it’s just another Monday in Nowhere.

For Kellar Stone, it’s an unexpected twist. When she accidentally causes an accidental bank heist, three strange half-men whisk her away to the mountains outside Nowhere. At first, she’s rightfully pissed, but then she starts to see the men beneath the monsters, and suddenly the lines between right and wrong, black and white, monster and lover blur beyond recognition.

Will Kellar stay with the monstrous men, or will she be able to resist?

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