From modern-day Chicago to the seedy underbelly of Heaven’s Light to an asylum for mages and more, AJ takes you away from the norm to worlds where demons are real and genetic Gifts are more common than you think. Whether it’s an escape from reality you need, a chance to explore future possibilities, or just a little happy ever after, AJ’s writing can give you what you need.

Live! This Thursday, April 2, 2020, AJ will be on Facbook live at 6pm EST/3pm PST with a special sneak preview live reading of Chapter 1 from the sequel to ABNORMAL, ESCAPE THE LIGHT! Join AJ on her author page for a reading of the first chapter of Book 2 in the Abnormalverse. AJ will stay live for a question-and-answer period after the reading, so get your questions ready and stay tuned!

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It’s a global pandemic, and many of us are going crazy stuck at home! To help mitigate the boredom and tedium of quarantine, I’m giving away 10 US and 10 UK Audible codes to break the monotony! Even though the Audible file doesn’t have the final edits uploaded, I’m willing to give the current Audible version as a “sneak peek” to readers and fans who can’t get the physical or digital copy yet! Here’s your chance to get caught up on the world of ABNORMAL before Book 2 in the series releases later this year!

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