From modern-day Chicago to the seedy underbelly of Heaven’s Light to an asylum for mages and more, international and USA Today best-selling author AJ Mullican takes you away from the norm to worlds where demons are real and genetic Gifts are more common than you think. Whether it’s an escape from reality you need, a chance to explore future possibilities, or just a little happy ever after, AJ’s writing will ignite something inside you!

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Muses and Murderers Podcast with AJ Mullican and Angelique Jordonna is returning (again lol)!

We took some time off for life stuff and scheduling issues, but we’ve decided to reformat the show a smidge and let the guests work themselves out when we can. For now, we (author Angelique Jordonna and I) are going to spend an hour every week shooting shit about various writing/entertainment-related topics. Will we stay on-topic? Not likely. Will it be funny at least? We sure hope so!

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