Call Me Bunny Signed Paperback


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“Call me Bunny.”

Those were the last words I heard before I passed out in a pool of bl00d—not all of it my own. Now I’m stuck in a rundown old factory called the Burrow, being stitched up by a guy named Doc (who I suspect doesn’t really have a medical degree), and she tells me the leader of the Summer City Vipers has a price on my head. I can stay here, lay low in the Burrow with Bunny and her friends, or I can risk it on my own … but what can a gamer nerd like me do against the toughest gang in the city? I’m not tough like Kendrick, I’m not tech-savvy like Keys, and Bunny? Well, there’s no one quite like Bunny.

Maybe it’s a bit of a survivor’s crush, or maybe it’s something more, but I find myself drawn to Bunny. Sure, she dresses weird, the unhinged look in her eyes when she’s swinging that baseball bat through someone’s sku11 is a bit unnerving, and she’s kinda already hooking up with Kendrick, Doc, and Keys, but what relationship doesn’t have a few hiccups at the start?


The new guy’s kinda cute, in a geeky sort of way. He doesn’t have the skills that Kendrick, Doc, and Keys have, but I’m sure we could find a use for him around here. Besides, I can’t exactly kick him out of the Burrow when Samson Ramsey wants him dead. The Cobra won’t rest until Neil is lying on a slab in the morgue, so it’s up to me and my guys to protect him.

Of course, now the Cobra’s after me, too, though this viper’s about to learn that he’s picked the wrong Bunny to mess with. My b0dy count’s just as high as his, and I have no qualms about racking up those numbers.

Go ahead, Cobra. Send your goons. I’ll be waiting for ‘em.