Irresistible Monstrosities – Signed Paperback


For Kellar Stone, her trip to the bank just turned into a kidnapping nightmare–but for Korey, Emerson, and Winston, it just turned into the most amazing opportunity!

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“A kraken, a dragon, and a gargoyle walk into a bank…”

It’s not a terrible joke; it’s just another Monday in Nowhere.

For Kellar Stone, it’s an unexpected twist. When she accidentally causes an accidental bank heist, three strange half-men whisk her away to the mountains outside Nowhere. At first, she’s rightfully pissed, but then she starts to see the men beneath the monsters, and suddenly the lines between right and wrong, black and white, monster and lover blur beyond recognition.

Will Kellar stay with the monstrous men, or will she be able to resist?

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