Heirs of the Flame Gods – Signed Duet


Get ready for a Sapphic fantasy adventure! Join Cara and Sable as they struggle to unite their warring shifter tribes while uncovering the secrets of the Grand Master.

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Suntouched Souls are rare in the wolf tribes. As the first in generations, Cara Solari grew up knowing her destiny was to lead the wolves. An arranged marriage threatens to sour Cara’s resolve, however, a situation made worse when she meets her mate in a fellow Suntouched.

Sable grew up in a convent run by the zealous panther tribes. Forbidden from ever using her Gods-given gifts, she lives a life of solitude until the Grand Master orders her used as bait to trap the wolf tribes’ future queen.

Cara and Sable must defy the odds together to bring down the corrupt Elders and overthrow the Grand Master’s rule, uniting the warring clans under their joint governance.

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