2023 and Beyond

It’s that time again: a new year. Time for reflection on the past twelve months and planning for the next.

Looking at 2022 by sheer numbers, it was both a high and a low year for me. If you look strictly at words written/books published, it was kind of slim. I wrote and published only two novels–one rather short–a short story, and two novellas. Compared to other years, pretty empty. At the end of 2021, I had a sort of breakdown. I couldn’t maintain the pace I was trying to keep, and I was getting discouraged with my Muse. I cancelled a series that just wasn’t jiving and pulled out of 90% of the anthologies I had signed up for.

Now, as far as royalties go … I kicked ASS!!! In 2022 (at least January through November), I made more than twice my total royalties for the entire 2015-2021 time period! My monster reverse harem novel killed, and it’s still going strong. And even better, my first Sapphic romance, a fantasy–two genres I’d never tried before and had no following in–broke the top 100 in the lesbian romance category on Amazon! It’s now getting even higher Kindle Unlimited page reads than even Irresistible Monstrosities. I’m extremely proud of this level of success in these two new subgenres for me.

I know these numbers aren’t Earth-shattering, but for me, they’re a good sign. Something I’m doing is working, and someone out there–a lot of someones–like my books enough to keep reading. That gives me hope, and it makes me confident enough to keep going.

I’ve got a few new things up my sleeve in the new year. The second in the Sapphic fantasy romance duet, a horror cowrite, an excerpt in an anthology, a contemporary single dad romance, a new Nowhere book, and an alien romance trilogy … all set for 2023. Is it a lot? Yeah, it is. But do I think I can handle it now?

You know what? I think I can.

I’ve got this. I have more stories to tell, more genres to write, more words to get out there. I even have some plans for 2024/2025! It’s like I’m a “real” author or something. Haha! Maybe some day, anyway. I’m nowhere near quitting my day job, but I’m more than twice as close to my goal as I was this time last year.

I’m coming for you, 2023. I might not win, but I’m gonna fight the whole way.