Thrice Damned

I have been trying to exercise. Get in shape. Work out. Lose the extra weight. Tone up, slim down.

I think I may have taken it too far.

It was only for two days, and I only did a few simple exercises, but this morning I was a little too sore to do them at all. I figured I’d tone it back to every other day to give my body a break.

Also, I forgot to take my RA meds this morning.

Oh yeah, and I worked more than 10 hours straight (not counting a quick 10 minute lunch).

My back is now furious with me. It’s rebelling against any movement and begging for a heating pad. Guess I’ll be getting that out after dinner.

Note to self: either stick to every other day on the exercises, or find a different workout. And take your damn meds. And remember to stretch every so often at work.