Epic fail

Nope, didn’t make my goal this weekend. Not even close. I got about 1000 new words written, but not even half a chapter, let alone two.

I think I aimed too high, even though I thought it was a conservative goal. I forgot about my tendency to skip around with projects. I ended up sleeping a lot (weekends tend to be my catch-up times) and drawing rather than writing.

I did accomplish one goal (kind of). I started doing exercises in the morning. They’re simple exercises, just different kinds of crunches & floor exercises, but the soreness from yesterday’s exercises felt so good today that I did them again this morning. I’m going to try to keep doing them every morning if I can. Problem is, I know once I get out of the habit that’s it for me. I have to keep doing them consistently or I’ll never get anywhere with them.

This weight has to go. It just has to. I can’t go on being huge forever. I have to find a way to get to a healthy weight and stay there. I feel terrible. Sluggish and jiggly. Yep, jiggly. I jiggle. Mostly my upper arms and stomach. And butt. And thighs. So basically most of me. Jiggling. Cue disgusted shuddering.

Will I make my New Year’s resolution goal by the end of the year? Not likely. But I might, just might, get back under 200 lbs. It’s not ideal, but it’s my own fault for allowing myself to slide back so far.