Musing about murder

Theoretically (pending test of Skype), today will be the first taping of Muses and Murderers Webcast, the brainchild of myself and fellow author Angelique Jordonna. I say “theoretically” because I’ve been so busy with embroidery and my own writing that I kinda haven’t been organizing and promoting the webcast like I should be.

Don’t get me wrong; we’ve got enough guests lined up for a solid couple of months worth of shows. But I should be getting the word out.

Today’s show will be the first recorded, but it won’t be the first episode aired. No, I have to learn how to edit the video and what have you. That, and I promised someone else they’d be the first guest, so I have to air them “out of order” in a manner of speaking.

Fingers crossed that everything goes well! I am kind of nervous about it all of a sudden. I mean, it’s just going to be myself, Angelique, and an actor friend of mine, but still….nerves.

Then add to that the fact that my little big boy Rory is sick or something. He’s been trying to use the litter boxes all day long and–nothing. Just nothing. I’m super worried, but he’s acting more or less normal otherwise. We got him some probiotic fiber treats in case it’s constipation, but if it’s not that I don’t know what I’m going to do. Super, super worried.

Angelique moved recently, and her service is sketchy where she’s at. So I need to get in touch with her to find out if she can even do the show today.

And I gotta do something to distract myself from the worry.