It’s that time of year again! My 40th birthday has officially arrived, and I feel–just the same at 39. Lol We had a nice party at my house last night to celebrate, and Rory’s feeling better (I haven’t been in the mood to post the past few days because he wasn’t well, but with medications and time he’s been doing much better). A bunch of my friends came over, and my family visited from next door.

Most of my birthday money is going to an attachment we want for the car, but I have a little cash left over that I’m trying to decide what to do with. Do I want a small, simple sewing/embroidery-related tattoo, or do I want to get a couple new piercings? Decisions, decisions.

The embroidery is going full swing, with still several projects-in-progress, and I’ve done a lot of preparatory work on the Abnormal series but no more actual writing. I think I need to wait until the bulk of the embroidery is done before I get back to it…It’s just stretching myself too thin to try to do ALL THE THINGS.

The interview for Muses and Murderers didn’t happen the other day; hopefully today goes better for planning and execution. I’d like to get this webcast off the ground, but it’s slow going when your co-host is in another state.

All in all, 40 is turning out so far to be not a big deal. I mean, it’s a “milestone” birthday I guess, but I don’t really feel any different. Not wiser, not necessarily older, just me…with presents. 😉