Projected forecast for the next week and a half

It’s almost here–my week-long staycation from the day job! I have Monday still to work and then I’m a free agent. Well, not quite free. I have a paid commission to work on during this week. And I’m pretty much done with the first super secret project, so it’s on to another, personal secret project, plus a couple commissions for elevations and an investiture.

My 40th birthday falls during my week off (hence the reason I’m taking a week off lol), and I’m having a small party at my house the day before. I’d say it feels weird to be almost 40, but I’ve been telling people I’m “almost 40” (instead of saying “39”) for months now, so it almost feels like I’m already 40. The next week and some change is just a formality.

Once I’m reasonably caught up with projects, I’ll slow down on the embroidery and get back to writing. My publisher is hosting a “90 days to a submission-ready manuscript” workshop starting next month, so I hope I can be mostly caught up with embroidery and get working on that ASAP.

I know I can’t work on embroidery the entire week I’m off…that would be suicide! Lol I’ve also got some testing and doctor’s appointments and stuff sprinkled in there, and I’ll of course take intermittent breaks to keep my joints from seizing up on me.

It’ll be nice to have that week away from the monotony of the day job. I like my job, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the same thing week after week after week after week after…well, anyway, it wears on a soul after a while.