Writing like a madwoman

Of course, I am a bit of a madwoman…bipolar and all. So perhaps I should rephrase that. I’m writing like a woman possessed lately.

Getting up extra early, even on early work days, to get that little bit of writing/revising in. Taking my laptop out of the spare bedroom into the master bedroom so I can write while watching TV with my husband. Making revisions the second new critiques come in. I can’t stop myself.

Is it making the book better? Absolutely. It’s also making me a little crazy. Well, crazier. With every new change I see other changes that need to be made to make that change fit. Some are minor, some require whole chapters to be rewritten. I’ve heard some writers complain that this is one of the more tedious steps in the writing process, but I’m finding it enjoyable. Now that I’m getting feedback and I know where to make improvements, I can see the story becoming richer. It’s a fascinating process watching the story evolve.

Speaking of evolution, I have to go back to playing God and make some more of it happen. These characters aren’t going to make themselves change. Well, they kind of do.

But only other writers will get what I mean 😉