I cannot, for the life of me, stay awake for very long today.

My cat, Rory, has woken me up twice this morning making a nest of my hair–and damn near ripping it out in the process. I’ve kind of gotten used to that, but usually once I go back to sleep he leaves me alone. Not today.

I’ve been up for a couple of hours this last time, but I’m fighting to stay awake. My body just wants to curl up and doze again. I can’t focus on much of anything for very long, and that includes revising my novel. I’ve almost finished the first revision, which means I need to think about an editor soon, but today my brain is mush.

My husband’s off work now, so maybe watching some TV with him will wake me up. Or I’ll fall asleep again. At this rate, I think it will be more of the latter.