Lazy Thursday Morning…for now

It’s morningtime before work, and usually I’m trying to be somewhat productive: writing, drawing, cosplay work, something. Today? Today I’m kind of just messing around on the Internet.

Sure, I have a news post to type up, but that won’t take me long. It’s just so nice to sit here, warm with my blankets and sweatshirt, and just be.

Do you ever take the time to just be? To forget that the world is spinning out of control and just be content in who you are and what you’re doing with your life? It’s surprisingly tough. We live in a society where not doing something is considered lazy, but it’s very important to take the time to focus on you every so often.

I’ve got some music to listen to, but otherwise I’m just existing. (Okay, so I’m typing up this post at the same time–hard to write about just existing while just existing.)

Of course, for some people just existing isn’t quite enough. Some people thrive on constant movement, constant activity, constant action. Me? I can handle it, but every once in a while I need to just be.

Take the time this weekend to just exist for a while. Zone out. Zen out. Whatever you have to do to connect with who you are. You’ll thank me for it later.

Just breathe


Work week is done, and I have three and a half days off until it’s back to the grind. Yesterday afternoon and this morning weren’t too bad, so I feel more relaxed already. I know come Monday it will be almost back to “normal” (translation: hectic as all get-out), but I’ve been looking forward to this unwinding weekend.

Not that I don’t have stuff to do. Interviews/reviews for Talk Nerdy With Us, cosplay stuff, art project…It’s not going to be a completely work-free weekend, but it’s still a relief.

I have to finish the pants on my husband’s cosplay (and hopefully start on the tunic), write interview questions, read a comic or two, and draw like my life depended on it. Still, it all sounds pretty relaxing compared to the day job.

Sometimes you gotta take some time to yourself just to get away from the norm and recharge. I love my jobs–all of them–but the constant pace gets to me every so often.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!