Peen-alizing myself for procrastination

Why is there a miniature squishy peen on my laptop keyboard? Funny story…

The thing is, I have been floundering with my writing lately. I try, and I’ll have bursts of inspiration, but overall, I’m stuck. I can eke out about 1300-1600 words in one day each week, but if I’m to make my goal deadline and word count, I’ll have to step it up to make that my daily amount–and that’s not coming to me right now.

My WIP is currently in the hands of a fellow author who’s going to read it for critique and helpful hints. I hope I won’t have too much to go back and fix, but I also hope to get some good pointers for the flow and direction of the story after she’s done with it.

The good news? My early twist to the story caught her off-guard, so that’s a plus. It had the desired emotional response/impact, so score one for me. Now let’s hope the rest of the story holds up as well.

Could I still be writing while she reads? Yes, but that poses its own problems. If she has helpful hints or good plot ideas, I might have to undo everything new I write. Is that just an excuse, though? Eh, probably. I need to get off my butt and get inspired. Hence the peen.

Yes, I have a squishy penis jiggling on my laptop as I type. Since I’m writing high-heat reverse harem romance, I figure a little inspo couldn’t hurt. Besides, it’s kinda funny to watch it wiggle with each letter.

I’m going to get back on track. I’m going to push for the finale of this book. I’m going to finish. On time, at the desired minimum word count, so help me Gods.

It’s time to kick my own ass into gear and get my tail typing.

My books aren’t going to sell themselves. I have to write them to get them to sell. I have to write them, edit them, revise them, format them, and publish them. I have to get shit moving. If I need Percy the Peen sitting out in the open for that to happen, then so be it. Is Percy a good Peen name? I don’t know, but it’s what came to me. Might as well use it.

Percy the Peen. Inspiring and motivating since 2021.