A picture’s worth 50000 words

Look at the pretty new covers! Yeah, yeah, I’m behind on Hell’s Rejects, but look! Shiny and new!

Why the new covers when the trilogy isn’t even done yet, you ask? Well, it’s about marketing…and my severe lack of skill at such. You see, I didn’t do any market research about cover design when I made the original covers for the Hell on Earth trilogy. No, I just made “pretty” covers to match with the covers for the Bargains Struck trilogy–which also got no research. In other words, though I made unique and beautiful covers, I did not make unique and beautiful paranormal romance covers. Nope. I made … well, I’m not sure what genre of covers I made. Something that didn’t fit, I guess.

What does that mean for Bargains Struck and every shared-world cover I’ve made in that universe? You guessed it: new covers.

I got the Bargains Struck covers down, but next up is a slew of novella covers for shared-world books that are going into box sets in the coming years. Yep. I got some work ahead of me.

I’ll get back to Hell’s Rejects in a few minutes. Really. I will. I just had to type up a quick blog post as my “cover reveal” post. Handy, dandy, and efficient. This will post to Twitter and Facebook, after which I can easily share elsewhere. Yay, automation!

Here’s a quick look at the six covers as they are now:

Are they perfect? They are perfect for my skill level, I’ll say that. But they’re not $200 covers. They’re more like $20 covers. And that’s okay. Because they’re mine, and they make me happy. I can’t wait to order the four that have paperbacks out for my “Shelf of Narcissism” behind me in the living room. 😉

Now that that’s been said, it’s time to get back to work on Hell’s Rejects before I have to kick my own ass for slacking off.