No time to say “hello”–Goodbye!

I thought when I finished the embroidery commission I’d be better off time-wise to get things ready for Great Western War next week….

…I was wrong.

Things would have been okay, I think, if I hadn’t gotten sick. I don’t know if this is the flu or just a bad cold, but I feel like crap. So of course sewing is a slow process right now, but I’m hoping I get at least all of the machine sewing done before we leave Wednesday afternoon. I mean, I only have:

  • All of my husband’s tunic, to include neck facing, contrasting color blocking that he wants, and assembly of the pieces
  • My tunic, which will be easier but still needs a facing cut out and full assembly (oh yeah, and I derped the pattern myself, so it’s kind of an experiment)
  • My linen pants, because even though I have black Viking pants already the fit is terrible and they chafe
  • A Skjoldhamn hood for my outfit, along with embroidery and applique of some wings, plus any other stitching I may want to do around the hem and seams

It’s a lot of work to do in less than two days time. I get most of today, any time I’m awake before work tomorrow and Tuesday, a little time after work, and Wednesday morning while my husband is at work, before we leave.

I am not a fast sewist by any means. I’m pretty damn slow with the whole process, and this illness is not helping matters. Still, since I got the bodies of the tunics cut out last night, I’m hopeful. Not 100% confident, but hopeful.

That being said, it’s time to stop blogging, plug up this bloody nose (yes, that just happened), and get back to work.