All good things must come to an end…

I’m so close to being done with the current embroidery project… Close enough that, when my back started to ache, I thought I’d get on the laptop for a while. Things were going fine. I checked Facebook, started some music playing, did a few of the Twitter writing hashtag games… and then I decided to open the file for Book 3.

I scrolled maybe halfway down the first page when the above image appeared on my monitor.

Oh, shit.

The restart didn’t really restart anything. I mean, the logo came up and the “waiting” circle was spinning, but after that? Blackness. The keyboard was the only thing lit up.

I took a picture of the blue screen of death to send to my husband when he wakes up (he doesn’t get up until after I’ve left for work on Thursdays) in the hopes that he can work some magic on the laptop and get it up and running. I’m not holding super high hopes, but there’s a smidgen of hope there.

This is a terrible time for this to happen. I’ve had a lot of medical bills between the sleep apnea and the broken foot, and a new laptop is probably several months off for us, financially.

At least I wasn’t very far on Book 3…it could have been worse. I could have written epic gold and lost it all. I will have to be more careful about backing stuff up, though. I’ve been lax lately.