I thought I could do it. I thought I could get the new garb all made in time for Great Western War. I knew it would be a challenge, sure, but I thought I could do it.

I didn’t anticipate getting a nasty cold. Once I came down with the cold, I didn’t anticipate the drain it would be on my physical and mental faculties. I was foolish enough to think I had it in the bag, right up until last night. Then it hit me: I am not going to finish. Not before the day after tomorrow. No way, no how.

It’s extremely disappointing. I may always be cramming to finish, but I always finished.

Until now. Now I have to go to the event and see all the people dressed up as period versions of heroes and villains and know that I can’t be part of that because I failed.

My husband is very understanding about it, which helps to soften the blow a bit, but I’m still disappointed in myself. I had all these detailed plans and they just evaporated as time ticked by.

There would be more to this post, but the cold is already zapping my mental energy. I can’t think of what I want to say. I thought there was more, but I’m just a lump with thumbs who knows how to spell. I hope…