New Preorder from AJ Mullican!

*Enjoy three novellas for the price of one with this collected set!*

For enchantress Karrye Gibbons, being committed for nymphomania isn’t too bad. The facility is coed, at least, and offers plenty of eligible mages for her to choose from…until, that is, a patient is admitted who’s immune to her charms.

Enter Whittaker Franklin, an ex-military interrogator who happens to be an anti-mage. No magic can work within twenty feet of Whit, but that’s not going to stop Karrye. She’s determined to win him over, but when strange new therapies begin in the basement, things get complicated. Can Karrye and Whit find out what’s going on at Palmore’s and stop it before everything goes to hell?

Hey, everybody! Guess what I’ve been up to? 😉

That’s right, I have a hot new release for you! The Mage Asylum Trilogy is now available for Kindle preorder for just 99 cents! That means you get three steamy paranormal erotica novellas for the price of one.

This has been a two-month-long labor of love for me, and a bit of an obsession. While I’ve had help along the way in the form of advice from friends in the industry (and my mom’s awesome editing), this is, essentially, all me. From concept to cover design to formatting and publication, I threw my dumb ass headfirst into these books, and I can’t wait to see how they do.

I’ve done a preorder for a couple of reasons, but mostly because I noticed that, with Whispers of Death‘s cold release–and with no pre-marketing on my part–it did not do well. I had to put my first novel on a free promotion for a few days to get it up to #6 in one of its categories, and that was basically a one-off. It did well, and technically was a best-seller/Top 10 book for a nanosecond, but I want to see what I can accomplish if I apply the things I’ve learned over the past five years since.

I’m posting in genre readers’ groups on Facebook, I’m tweeting and Instagramming, I’m even going on TikTok (that’s a new one for me, so it’ll take some finagling to figure out what works and what doesn’t). I’ve updated the links and graphics on my website as well as in all my reader magnets on StoryOrigin, and I’m starting to go fishing for newsletter swaps.

Aside from getting impatient and not doing ARC copies for reviews, I think I’m doing okay so far. We’ll see what happens come July 1, when all the preorders translate to actual sales. So far? Well, less than 24 hours after the preorder link went live, I’m sitting at #506 in Paranormal Erotica in the Kindle Store….I have no frame of reference as to how good that is, however (how many Paranormal Erotica books are on Kindle right now, anyway??), but I’m going to keep on the positive. It’s only been half a day. Give it time.

Now get your tail clicking on that link above to preorder The Mage Asylum Trilogy! I mean, c’mon, only 99 cents to support a great author? Why wouldn’t you? 😉