Long weekend ahead

So due to low number of doctors working at the office next week, I’ll have Monday off. What to do?

Okay, so I know I’m going to be spending most of tomorrow on sewing up laundry bags & playing with my new sewing machine before doing laundry, and probably most of Sunday doing such as well. But Monday I’ll have to get started on cleaning up our spare room for my in-laws coming to visit soon.

There’s not really much to clean up (especially once the laundry bags are done) but I really should step to it. The less mess I have now, the less to deal with then.

I’ll be working more on the design for the #TARDIS dress in the coming weeks and possibly some other things. I want to lose weight, so I need to do the majority of the actual work for the dress later on (so there’s less taking in if I do in fact lose the weight. I’m going to try to make most of it so that it’s adjustable (elastic waistband, corset-type top that I can cinch more/less, etc.), but that still doesn’t mean I can make it too early. Plus, I need to practice with smaller, easier things on my new machine before jumping into the kind of endeavor I’m planning for Comicon next year.

Oops, lunch time almost over. Gotta run.