In stitches

Check off embroidery as a new addition to my crafting repertoire.
Yeah, that’s right, as if I’m not busy enough lately, I’ve decided to take up the time-consuming art of hand embroidery. Not including cross stitch (which I feel is a more specific type of embroidery and not really what I’m doing right now), I’ve finished two pieces: a “tester” piece to see if I could do it, and a panel for a new fighting hood I’m making.
The test piece was just on a small scrap of fabric:

Being the person that I am, after I finished that piece I decided to start on a project that I will eventually wear. Yep, one little 3 inch thing (that was pretty much entirely done with satin stitches) and I was ready to dive into something more substantial. It still was simple, but I used a couple more types of stitches… so that’s progress, right?
Here’s the second one:

This will either be the front or the back of my new fighting hood. I haven’t decided where yet, because I like it so much I don’t want it covered up by my gorget all the time. I also don’t want it damaged by lots of rapier stabbing. Guess it’s going on the back. Lol
I’m going to put the top two layers of the hood together and stitch some knotwork along the edges, too, before I add the inner layer and close it up. Lofty goals for someone who just got started, huh?
I already have another embroidery project lined up (for my husband), and I think I’m going to choose embroidery as my first Arts and Sciences entry. I just have to pick a design, do the research, make the thing, and oh yeah, write a research paper for the entry. No sweat.
By the way, I did take my meds this morning, and I will take them tonight even though it’s going to be a late night for me. And I’ll take them tomorrow morning, and so forth and so on.