In stitches, part deux

That’s it. I’m hooked. I’m going to embroider all the things!! Tunics, coats, hoods … whatever I can wrangle up that I think would look good with some embroidery.
Remember the Little Red Fighting Hood? Well, I didn’t end up doing knotwork embroidery along the edges of it, but I did do some herringbone stitches along the seams. They turned out a little wonky and uneven at first, but not too bad for a beginner who didn’t bother to mark out even lines or anything:
Yeah, not the greatest, but again, I’m a beginner. Next up, I decided to try a little addition to the herringbone that I’d seen on Pinterest, using a different color of floss:
Still not 100% even, but it looks a lot better. Now I have four seams with that stitching treatment, which gives me this:
Ta-da! You see now why I didn’t do the knotwork? The proportions would all be off. As it is, the design may end up being a touch too close to the bottom corner of the panel because once I put the lining together and stitch it to this, it’s going to be shorter on the bottom there.
Overall, though, I’m proud of what I accomplished and can’t wait to do more.
Well, maybe I can wait just a little more.
Like until tomorrow.
After bed.
I’m turning in early. The new year is nigh, but I’m going night-night early because I’ve had entirely too much going on lately and I need to rest. These ol’ bones ain’t gonna be happy if I stay up ’til midnight tonight.