Her Own Worst Enemy

Finally! After months of struggling with the plot of Book 3, I’m finally back on track with the flow of it.

Book 3 is going to take Clare to some pretty surprising places, and even though this weekend is all about the SCA, my mind is buzzing with story ideas for her and her cohorts in the future.

I obviously can’t reveal much–that will ruin things–but it feels good to be out of that rut and back in the game. I’m so excited that I’m half tempted to stumble outside in the pre-dawn light in this unfamiliar house to grab my laptop and start typing. Only half tempted, though…I don’t want to piss off our hostess by waking her up this early.

Book 2, Escape the Light, is still moving through preproduction. It’s agonizingly slow from my point of view, but that’s because I want to share the next installment of Clare’s story with everyone. I realize that my publisher is doing what they can, though, and I know I need to be patient. As for Abnormal, I hope to have news on that front soon, too. What news could there be for a book that’s already been published, you might ask–well, just wait and see ?

Once people are up and moving, I’ll grab my laptop and get busy making words happen. For now, though, I’ll keep entertaining myself with my phone and social media lol