Gooooood morning, Caid!


I’m writing this blog post on paper with an ink pen. Why? you may ask. Well, despite the good signal I have at this SCA event, I’m trying not to kill the “period” mood by whipping out the cell phone here at the Arts and Sciences display.

This weekend has so far been mostly relaxing–when it’s not sweltering or freezing, that is. Note to self: 1 make lighter garb and more layers of garb, and 2 don’t trust the weather forecasts for overnight temps.

Thanks to the lovely selection of goods at the merchant’s area of the event, I am five yards closer to step 1 above. I got a gorgeous light blue cotton to make a new Viking area underdress. My current underdress (well, the one that currently fits me) is made of raw silk. Very pretty, very period, v-e-r-y heavy. Not very breathable. I have some embroidery projects lined up (don’t I always?), but if I use my silk underdress as a pattern I should be able to make quick work of another one.

I haven’t actually done much more than sleep, shop, and bitch about the weather this trip. Not exactly productive, but at least this morning I’m participating in things by placing something on display at the A&S showcase. I’m talking to people and interacting, but I’m not freaking out at the number & volume of the people under this pavilion… probably because I have this pen and paper here with me. I guess as long as I can write, even if it’s just a handwritten blog post, I have a “security blanket” of sorts.

Once the A&S showcase is over, I’m not sure what I’ll do next. Probably have lunch, maybe take a class on how to “curse like Shakespeare.” Maybe shop–again. But only window shopping. I might have spent quite a bit yesterday. Not, like, an exorbitant amount for a vacation, but quite a bit. Unless I find the shop that had the warm gloves. I should have bought them yesterday, but I was a fool & thought I wouldn’t need them last night/early this morning. [Insert “Never have I been so wrong” meme here.]

The broken foot has slowed me down but not overly hampered me this trip, aside from the pesky “can’t drive with the fracture boot on the right foot” thing. My poor husband has had to do ALL of the driving for the past 3+ weeks, and I still have over 2 weeks of boot left.

Someone asked me just now if I was a Laurel. Lol. I corrected them, but it’s nice to have someone think I could turn out Laurel-quality work. Some day. Some day.

Tomorrow we break down camp & head back to Atenveldt/Arizona, and Monday afternoon it’s back to mundane life. I enjoy my journeys to the middle ages, but I can’t afford to do that all the time.

In mundane news, Book 3 got (yet another) reboot this past week, with a new restart-from-the-beginning and a new plot direction. I’m very excited for this new path for the story, because it presents challenges that I haven’t had to face yet. I might have to annoy my publisher and editors by POV-hopping to pull it off, but I think in the long run it will be worth it, both for me, for the publisher, & for the readers.

Well, I think that the A&S showcase is ending soon. It’s almost 11am & the showcase started at 9:30. I’m actually hoping it ends soon, because I finished my energy-drink-in-a-tankard a while ago & I’ve really gotta pee. Maybe I’ll leave my table for a few minutes to take care of that before it becomes an issue. 🙂

I think I’ll post this blog post as-is, with photos of these pages. That sounds interesting–& don’t worry, it’ll all be transcribed in a nice, easy-to-read font below. 😉 (<– winky face emoji)