So it’s just over a month until Phoenix Comicon, the biggest geek convention in my state. I planned on revisiting my River Song cosplay (if you don’t know who River Song is, I’m sorry…I’m so, so sorry), but since my hair is shock straight and hers is wildly curly, last time I wore a wig.

The wig got kindamaybesorta really ruined during the haphazard construction they were doing on my old apartment, so there’s sheet rock dust and fiberglass all in it, and I’m not sure I can wash & re-style it in time for the con. Hell, I’m not even sure I can style it at all (why else buy a wig?).

My new plan is to try something called “rag rolling,” which I found a tutorial for on Pinterest. I’ve already cut a crapton of rags from an old sheet; the next step is to try it out. Since I don’t currently have any curl mousse (or any hair product beyond basic shampoo and condidtioner), I’m going to try it out today with just regular wet hair and see how it turns out. Worst thing: nothing happens, and I wait until I can get some styling products to try it again.