As I look at my word counts, I worry that my novel will end up being a novella despite my efforts.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be obsessed with word counts until I’ve gotten a couple drafts under my belt and cannot add any more story to the story. It still sucks, though.

I am truly enjoying this story and the process of writing it. I think it’s flowing well and even I can’t wait to see how the end turns out (I already know, of course, but I want to see it in writing lol). It’s kind of exciting to see scenes and chapters that have been brewing in my mind for over a year come to life on the screen, crappy word count or no.

Perhaps I should aim for a novella, and then I’ll be pleasantly surprised when it becomes a full-fledged novel. Besides, a novella isn’t so bad. There are plenty of them out there, and I’ve already surpassed my longest story by tens of thousands of words.

It’s a good story (I think, anyway). I should focus on that: putting out a good story. I’ll worry about categorizing it later.