Cold nights, warm feet

It’s getting to that time of year: the cold has arrived, and my cat has noticed.

We keep the apartment warm enough, but as I’m sure you know sometimes that doesn’t cut it. The cold just seeps in. Thankfully, my cat and I have developed a somewhat symbiotic relationship, in which he warms himself by my feet and my feet are warmed by him.

Sometimes, however, this cuddling becomes inconvenient. Last night, he decided to sleep between my feet, which would have been fine had I not needed to get up during the night. As with most sleeping animals that get in your way, he would not move when I came back to bed and I was stuck having to curl up in a ball to fit. (Luckily, I am able to sleep in a near-fetal position.)

I kind of wish he hadn’t gone off to stalk some imaginary creature. My feet are a little cold right now.