Something Wicked Is Here (kinda)

The preorder link for Wicked Souls: A Reverse Harem Romance Collection is LIVE!

What does that mean for you? It means you can reserve your box set for only $0.99 on Kindle NOW. This box set has some big names as well as some up-and-comers–like yours truly!

Why am I so excited for this box set? Well, it’s got a great story from the Abnormalverse in it, for one. For another, it’s a great opportunity to spread the Abnormalverse to other realms. Plus, as a bonus, it’s got tons of heat in the form of spicy reverse harem romances!

What is “reverse harem romance,” you may ask. It’s simple: a harem is a man with a group of women, right? Revere harems turn the tide and have the woman in charge of a sexy menagerie of hot men, ready and willing to please.

Reverse harem romance fits with the Abnormalverse because, as anyone who’s read Abnormal can tell you, polyamory is alive and well in the future where Abnormal takes place. This box set was practically begging for an Abnormalverse story, and I was glad to oblige. Wicked Souls is a new home for some familiar Abnormal characters, as well as some new faces.

Pre-order your copy of Wicked Souls today!


I’m happy to announce that a piece of flash fiction that I wrote will be featured on soon!
If you’re interested in the opportunity to have a piece of flash or a poem published on the website, check out Rhetoric Askew on Facebook and follow them to see the weekly Social Media challenge. It’s pretty cool, and here’s the scoop: once a week they post a photo, and all you have to do is use that photo as inspiration for the work. The other authors and followers vote by likes, and the piece with the most likes wins a feature on the site.
So there’s my happy news and my plug for the day. 😉 I’m still working on Book 2, but I’ve gotten to the point where I need to go back and read through what I’ve already written to see where I need to flesh things out or rework things. Y’know, make sure I haven’t written any huge holes in there.
Well, off to work before it’s my turn to drive. We get back home today, and tomorrow it’s back to mundane life yet again.

I wonder…

I wonder where the dragons went
The spirits & sprites & things
I wonder exactly when they left
These magical, mystical things
I wonder if it was just my mind
Concocting them for me
I wonder if I’ll find again
A spirit I can see
I wonder if they were ever there
Or if I was merely ill
Because I lost touch with all magical things
As soon as I took the pills

Playing God

As I work on my next novel, a sci-fi/dystopian piece, I’m in awe of authors who can create whole worlds from scratch.

With my novel, I’m skipping ahead a century or two, but I’m sticking to good ol’ Earth as my locale. I figure it’s easier to try to envision how today’s events may unfold into tomorrow’s reality than to build an entire world (or universe) from my imagination. Can I look at today’s tech and society and draw lines from now to then? Well, I sure hope so. But trying to create technology that has never existed (and may never exist) all the while weaving the threads of a society that evolved and developed such technology…it’s mind-blowing.

Creators of fantasy/high fantasy/epic fantasy also amaze me. Forget science…we’re going to make a whole new world where physics is thrown out the window and metaphysics takes over, where there are creatures never before seen and people capable of unreal feats. It baffles me.

I’ve tried worldbuilding as a teen, and even a bit as an adult. I just can’t do it. I can’t get the details, the nuances, the little bits that make it all come together.

With my current WIP, I originally tried pantsing it, but it just wasn’t working. The world wasn’t rich enough, wasn’t deep enough. As I brainstorm and make notes, it’s slowly evolving into something much thicker. Meatier. Juicier. Plots are forming, technology is springing up, and the people living in the society that created this technology are starting to go about their daily lives. They’re coming to life.

I may not be able to create an entire world or universe out of thin air…but I’m slowly becoming the god of my vision of the future.