Free? I’ll buy that!

In honor of the three-year anniversary of the release of Whispers of Death (and Abnormal’s first appearance at a con), I’m making the Kindle version of Whispers of Death free for five days! That’s right, starting tomorrow, you can get Whispers of Death here for free on your Kindle app or Kindle device. I’ve been […]

Clare Speaks

Now that I’m mostly free of this cruddy cold that’s had my brain all muddled the past few days, it’s time to update y’all with some news. 🙂 First off, both Arizona and Tucson business licenses have been procured! Yep, I can officially sell my book and bookmarks at Tucson Comic-Con. Now I just need those […]

Mass production

As Tucson Comic-Con grows ever closer, I am scrambling to get more bookmarks made to sell at the con. I suppose I wouldn’t be scrambling as much if I hadn’t sold 5 or 6 of them last Friday and Saturday, but hey, money is money. If that’s any indication, though, I will need to step up […]

Let the madness begin (again)

Though I kinda already knew they would, I’m ecstatic that RhetAskew Publishing has requested the full manuscript of Escaping the Light. 🙂 I sent it in this morning, and though I–and they–know it needs a lot of work, I’m excited to get started on the next step in my publishing journey. Books for Tucson Comic-Con have […]

Marked for success?

I thought about it, and I decided on making bookmarks for Tucson Comic-Con to sell alongside my books. As you can see, the bookmark slides onto the corner of a page, and it’s nice and graphic–with a whole slew of them on-hand, I’ll have something cool and geeky to display next to the book to […]

A little bit anxious, a little bit freaking out

So the con is 16 days away. Sixteen days to order books, order a PayPal chip reader, get the things I need to buy for the table, and get something together to sell besides just books. FML. I don’t know how this snuck up on me. I mean, I have a widget for my phone […]

Finding my balance

Work. Home. SCA. Books. I have many different facets to my life, and I’m having a bit of trouble finding the right balance between them all. I forgot something at work last week–something major, in relation to my new position. That was embarrassing. At home, my sleep schedule is still very off despite the new dosage […]

Coordination before con

Tucson Comic-Con is just 20 days away, and I’ve got my vendor stuff all ready. Well, the stuff I can make myself, that is…. I made a vendor apron a week ago, and today I made a composition book cover and a little cell phone pouch. Observe: Aside from about ten bucks for the zipper, […]

Seeking a swift kick in the ‘nads to get my ass moving

Yeah, I know. I’m a slacker. If I don’t have constant pushing or motivation, I tend to drift away from the stuff I need to do in favor of stuff I want to do. Take the book marketing/promotion, for example: I’ve seriously let that slide in the past couple of weeks, and from what my […]

Nervous energy

Maybe it’s because my confidence has always been low. Maybe it’s because the process is still new to me, even though I’ve been through it before. Maybe it’s just those just-submitted-my-manuscript jitters. Regardless of the cause, I’m abuzz with a ton of energy–too much for the amount of sleep I haven’t gotten yet. I thought […]