Coordination before con

Tucson Comic-Con is just 20 days away, and I’ve got my vendor stuff all ready.

Well, the stuff I can make myself, that is….

I made a vendor apron a week ago, and today I made a composition book cover and a little cell phone pouch. Observe:

Aside from about ten bucks for the zipper, buttons, thread, and solid print fabric to coordinate, all of the above were made with materials I had on hand. Fabric that I already had (gotta love the exploding TARDIS!), binding that I already had on hand, Elastic that I already had on hand, a little chain clip that I already had on hand (though I don’t remember why I had it on hand), interfacing, batting–all stuff I had. For ten bucks, that’s not a bad deal. The cell phone pouch fits my phone snugly, and I’m hoping the PayPal chip reader that I plan on ordering will fit in the button pocket.

I kinda want to make more stuff, but I think I’m just manic and I need to take a break from making stuff. What I need to do is brainstorm some more on these lists of things I need to get ready before TCC. I’ve got to buy some stuff, print some other stuff, and send in some applications for business licenses. Fun, fun, fun.

I know where on the map my table is. I know when my target setup time is. I know (I think) what-all I need to bring. The key is surviving the next twenty days. Twenty days where I still have work, still have normal life stuff to do, etc.

Twenty days.

Tick, tock.