Workin’ on the weekend

I may have a long weekend off from my day job, but I have a few project that need to be done.

Our laundry hamper bins/bags, which have handy handles that make it easier to haul the loads back & forth from our apartment to my parents’ house for our weekly laundry day, are starting to come apart. Not just the seams, which would have been easy enough to fix, but the fabric itself. This will pose a problem, so I need to get some sturdy fabric and #sew up some new ones this weekend (since I have the extra time) so we don’t lose our clothing in transport one of these days. I’m usually very anti-sewing machine, seeing as how I’ve completely forgotten how to use one since junior high, but I think I might ask my mom to let me use hers tomorrow to make more bags so we’ve got them again.

I also have to keep ready for possible assignments from @talknerdywithus, because I’m still loving that side job 🙂

Then there’s the charity writing and my own personal writing. Still need to keep up with that. Plus, I’m supposed to get signed up today for a home study site for my day job where I can earn continuing education credits for my certification renewal (which isn’t due for another 2 years, but better to get them done & over with–besides, bonus free learning!)

So lots to do this weekend. I’m hoping the laundry bags won’t be too difficult to cut & sew. Since I have the original bags to use as a “pattern” of sorts, I’m fairly confident I can do it. It’s just a matter of getting over my sewingmachineophobia.

Oh, and I need to get the car checked out for some maintenance that may or may not be major. The guy at the oil change place made it sound not-major, but from what he described it made me nervous that it might be major. And I’ve been procrastinating on that. So yeah. Busy weekend.

And I was so hoping to be lazy.