Vicious cycles

Here we go again…

…I don’t know quite how it happened. Things were going at a fairly manageable pace, and then suddenly I was thrown back into back-to-back weekends of SCA-related events while still having the embroidery deadline looming…and now I have more embroidery to do (not that I’m complaining–I adore my friend that has commissioned me, so I’ll definitely do it). But yeah. I’m back at it. Somehow, despite my determination to slow down and maintain my sanity.

I might have to put my foot down (again) and say (again) that I can’t be doing this (again). It’s got my anxiety up, which I think is affecting my stomach (I’ve had more frequent reflux recently, so I think my gut hates the anxiety too), and I’m having a harder time sleeping through the night and functioning the Monday after the event weekend.

Last weekend had an event on Sunday. This weekend has a birthday party Friday and a household meeting Saturday. Then the weekend after is our anniversary weekend (with an SCA event on our anniversary). Then an event that my husband’s Peer is running the weekend after that. Then I’m pretty damn sure there’s something the next weekend (because even though my calendar doesn’t show anything, there’s gotta be something), then a big event for our Barony the weekend after that, then Coronation the weekend after that (where I have two smaller embroidery projects due)…then I think I might get a weekend or two off. But damn. That’s a lot of stuff all at once.

What happened to slowing down after Estrella?? It happened, and then it didn’t…and I don’t know how I let myself get wrangled into this many engagements again.

I have to sit down and evaluate what events I have to go to and what ones I can stay home for. I feel obligated to go to the birthday party because it was nice of them to invite us, which means since we’ll be in Tucson anyway we might as well go to the household meeting. The anniversary weekend I can’t skip. Maybe my husband’s Peer’s event? That gives me one, maybe two (if my calendar’s right) weekends “off”… but there’s still the two back-to-back weekends of SCA stuff, and while it’s pretty much right in town, I have a lot of work to do for both events and I. Just. Don’t. Know.

And of course now that I’m getting all this typed down the anxiety is creeping back up. Maybe creeping isn’t the right word…how about skyrocketing? Yeah, that’s more accurate.

Guess I’m back to running on high octane again for an indeterminate period of time. At least a month, maybe a bit more. I hope my mind can take it.