The Storm Inside

The design is found and the brain is storming. While I still haven’t figured out how to finish the waist on the skirt of my own cosplay (I think I’m getting close to having a concept in mind, but still not sure), I’m starting to work out in my head how my husband’s cosplay is going to go.

Custom Sith Style Outfit Front and Back

It’s a simple enough design (I guess–what do I know?), but I don’t have a pattern so I have to make my own. Measuring, sketching, probably practicing on scrap fabric first.

I also need to make a tunic top of some sort for under my corset. The hubby doesn’t want me wearing the corset by itself (which I guess I understand), so I need something that will look good with the costume but will also be Jedi-like. I’m thinking a cream-colored muslin or linen tunic, possibly with binding to match the corset. Haven’t decided yet.

Well, off to an exciting (or at least busy) day at work. πŸ™‚