The More You Know…

I thought I didn’t really have any special writing credentials to my name. I’ve written books, sure, but I had no clue that when Whispers of Death reached #6 in the Paranormal-Occult category during its first time on a free promotion, it meant I was an Amazon bestseller. Like, I’ve technically been a bestselling author for years now and only just realized it yesterday! Lol

Why is this important now? Well, for one thing, my dumb ass could’ve been claiming that title the entire time I was trying to market and sell Abnormal! Another reason it’s important is that thanks to the Wicked Souls anthology, I’m now an international bestseller!

Yep, Wicked Souls reached #5 in two of its Canadian categories, so I have that new milestone and new title to my name. Feels kinda cool.

I’m far from “done” though; I’ve still got to keep trying to snag the elusive USA Today or NYT bestseller tag. THOSE are much harder and will require more work on my part.

Speaking of which, I’m not going to achieve that goal by sitting here yawning. Time to grab some coffee and get writing 😉