The books come marching, one by one

It’s begun! People have started posting pictures of their copies of Abnormal online!

Okay. One person has. Still… That means shipping is in effect, books are arriving at mailboxes and doorsteps, and people are going to start reading.

There’s one person in particular who I admit I am more anxious to hear their opinion than others (though everyone’s opinion on the book matters)…

A NYT bestselling author told me that she bought my book.

That’s right. Darynda-fucking-Jones. Yeah, she might not get to it for a wile, but she bought my book. Didn’t ask for a free copy, she bought it. I was fangirling for half a day over this.

It’s pretty cool to know that people are buying my book, that they’re starting to get it in their homes, that they’re starting to read it.

This has been one amazing journey, and it’s only going to get better. 🙂