The proof is in the pattern

Started sewing early (early) this morning, and I’m almost at the point where I need to partially draft the cloak.

It’s going to take a bit of Frankensteining to get it right. I don’t like the hood pattern that came with the cloak pattern, so I’m using the hood from my TARDIS pattern to make one for my husband’s Sith Time Lord, and the cloak he wants needs some color blocking done, so I’ll have to do that, too.

I’m not too worried about it, but I’ll admit that I am a little apprehensive. I’ll have to get the look right without having some pattern to use. It’s not like I’ve never worked without a pattern before, but there’s something about recreating a look that creates a new kind of challenge. Don’t get me wrong; I am loving the idea of the finished look. It’s just the process of getting there that will be rough.

I’m glad for Facebook groups and the opportunity they provide to let me reach out to other sewists/cosplayers and ask for advice. I’ve only gotten a little feedback so far, but it was encouraging. I can draw, but drawing a pattern is a whole different animal. It’s basically working in three dimensions on two dimensions of paper.

These costumes are going to be so great when they’re done. A Jedi TARDIS and Sith Time Lord–so cool!

New Cos-plans

So I started out with a TARDIS outfit from a pattern…then I noticed that the pattern’s hood looks like a Jedi hood (which is freakin’ cool). Then I thought, what if I made it a Jedi TARDIS cosplay?! That’s even cooler!

Then, best of all–my husband decided he wants to be a Sith version similar to my Doctor Who mashup! I’m so excited that he’s getting excited about cosplaying with me.

This year we did a couple’s cosplay (Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler), but we were so busy with taking our nephews around the convention that we didn’t really get to show ourselves off. Also, he seemed to be more reluctant. Like, he wanted to cosplay with me but he didn’t think he was accurate enough. Which is fine, because it’s cosplay. Emphasis on play.

Next year, though, we’re going all out. Full costumes, lightsabers, the works. It’s going to be great! I’m going to have to redesign the skirt, though, because my original design wouldn’t be conducive to posing in combat poses for pictures (because we’re on opposite sides of the Force, so of course we’re going to have to fight). I also got new boots (thanks, Mom!) that are more Jedi-like and not so high-heelish.

Can. Not. Wait.