Super Sekret Projekt

Yep, I’m at it again! I’ve got another big embroidery project ahead of me, and I’m really excited.

I can’t really say much what it’s for, other than that I get to work on royal garb again. It’ll be a big project, but one I hope I can execute to Their Royal Majesties’ liking. 🙂

I want to show you pictures of what I’m going to be doing. I want to share it on all the media. But I won’t. I shouldn’t. But damn, do I want to.

Despite my excitement at this new project, I still am in kind of a funk lately. I’ll be “normal” for a period of time, but that depression creeps back in. Mostly when I’m busy at work. Or not busy on lunch break. Or sitting at home. Well, okay, so there’s not as much “normal” as there is “blah.”

This project, though, once I get it started, should have me back on the ups. Yeah, I’ll get frustrated at times or discouraged or just plain tired of stitching, but being able to see the finished garments, if they indeed will be worn to an in-kingdom event, is a good motivator. I never got to see Duke Ivan and Duchess Ianka’s finished garb except in photos, because they wore it to an out-of-kingdom event and to the Coronation that I missed due to Tucson Comic-Con. Maybe some day I’ll get to see my work on them.

As with Ivan and Ianka, I get to have input as to what I’m going to embroider, which I think is cool. I’m sure there will be SCA royalty in the future that has a set thing in mind and that’s that, but I’m glad that the royals I’ve worked with so far have been open to me providing ideas or suggestions.

In a few months I can show you what I’ve done, and I might provide some sneaky peeks in the interim. Right now, I have to wait for the fabric to get here (the Queen is mailing out the fabric soon), and I have to go buy the thread. For royal garb, my little cotton thread won’t do.