Square one–er, two?

After waffling for a few months on whether to revise Book 2 to fit the new end of Abnormal or just rewrite the whole thing, I finally came to the conclusion that I should kind of do both. I’ll keep the sections that still fit with Abnormal’s ending–what few there are–but I’ll also start over. So it’ll be something old and something new. I guess.
I’m kinda bummed that I have to go back to the beginning for this sequel. Granted, the first draft was, as most first drafts are, not the greatest. I was still green when I wrote it, with the gerunds and head-hopping and all the things that probably drove my publisher bonkers with Abnormal. Lol But I guess it’s a good thing? I mean, I can wipe the slate clean and start over better. Stronger. More powerful than the average bear.
That’s for tomorrow, though. It’s getting late. (For me, anyway. That’s the glamorous life of an author with a full-time job at a clinic. Surgery days start early.)