Awake and (kind of) alert

Okay, thanks to Rory I’m up and at ’em this early Thursday morning. Yeah, he thought 0100 was a decent time to wake me up.
It’s already been a relatively productive hour and fifteen minutes, though. I started on design elements for an SCA arts swap project that I am participating in (I think my assigned recipient will like what I make, because some of the things she listed as her “likes” are right along the lines of what I already do arts-wise in the SCA so far), and now I’m delving into my notes for Book 2.
I already know I have one major no-no to fix as I rewrite, and it’s going to make dissemination of some of the necessary info tough: the dreaded head-hopping. I tried it in Abnormal but the publishers didn’t care for it, so I had to get creative with how I was relaying info there. This is going to be even more difficult though, because right now three of the main characters are–wait! Can’t tell you. Spoilers and all. 😉
My notes were previously on Evernote (great app! Love it), but last night I transferred many of them to a Word document and printed them all out so I can make handwritten notes and get my thoughts/plot points organized. It’s not quite the neat and pretty outline that I’m sure my publishers will ask for when I submit Book 2 after it’s finished, but for now it’ll do. I don’t do well with neat and pretty outlines anyway. They’re tedious to me, and I do better making them if I’ve already written the thing I’m outlining. Lol I guess I’m a little backwards.
So far I have a few thoughts brewing as to how I’m going to fix the boo-boos, but it’s going to be a slow process. The slowness will be compounded by A&S projects, the arts exchange project, and of course work and SCA activities. I don’t know when the publishers expect it to be done, but so far they’ve seemed willing to work with me when I’m still in the development stage. We’ll see.
Speaking of compounded, I may or may not have a new foot fracture. Left foot this time. No, it’s not a compound fracture, but hey, that’s the best segue I’ve got. Anywho, it’s been hurting off and on (more on than off now) for about two weeks, and I think it’s time to get out of the town called Denial and just get my ass to the doctor. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. He’ll probably order some x-rays, they’ll probably tell me yeah, it’s broken, and I’ll probably be back at the podiatrist’s office to get a boot for the left side. At least this time I didn’t wait until I almost couldn’t bear weight on it anymore. That counts for something, right? Stupid high pain tolerance.