Sew far sew good

I’m making progress on my #TARDIS #cosplay. I bought the Simplicity pattern, but I plan on making a few alterations. Gotta be me, y’know?

I have plenty of blue fabric to work with, but I’ll need more of the #explodingtardis fabric if I’m going to finish it the way I want.

The corset is going to be the trickiest part. I’ve never made one before, and even though the Simplicity pattern is supposed to be, well, simple, corsets are notoriously difficult for beginners like myself. I’ll definitely need to make at least one mock-up to be sure I get the technique and fit down pat. I’ll also have to wait until last to do that part, because I plan on losing weight. A shrug with a hood won’t look too weird if I lose a bunch of weight, but a corset won’t look right at all.

The skirt should be fairly easy to make and alter. I’ve made a skirt before, so I can play around with that.

Not that there isn’t a ton of time before the next con I am going to. I just really am enjoying this, and I hope to go back to previous cosplays and improve on them as well before Phoenix Comicon 2016.

Since I have a slight case of Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder, I can’t seem to stick to one project at a time. I also have an art commission project that I need to work on, now that my knees feel much better and I can sit comfortably.

Lots going on. Lots to do. Gotta love it.