Fight the Light – Signed Paperback


Clare’s free, but her mind and body are not. After the birth of Ezekiel’s child, she finds herself strangely attached to him … and at his tiny mercy.

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Though she escaped her imprisonment in Heaven’s Light, Clare cannot escape the child growing inside her, nor the toll he’s taking on her body. The physical strain affects those close to her as well, and Clare finds herself fighting with Eli and Harper on the home front while she watches as her fellow Abnormals engage Alyssa’s Gifted forces on the battlefield.

Giving birth to Alyssa’s implanted son might seem like the end to both the war and her marital strife, but no one is prepared for Clare’s attachment to the child. She refuses to return him to his biological mother, prolonging the conflict between Gifteds and Abnormals. She refuses, even, to leave his side …

Something’s wrong with Clare, and if Eli and Harper can’t figure it out, it might spell the end of everything for the triad—and for the Abnormals.

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