Places, people!

Well, the original location where I wanted my sword tattoo probably won’t work according to the artist, so I have to think of where I have room left for one that size. The calf is the most likely place I will go, but I could do somewhere on one of my thighs or maybe–maybe–my torso (between the belly button & sternum). Not sure how my husband would feel about that one though, or how I would feel about it. I’m working hard to keep my weight stable-to-decreasing, but with all the meds I’m on it’s difficult, and I don’t want to end up with a warped sword just because I was looking for a place that had a lot of room for it. So calf it may be.
I guess since I’ve taken up so much space I have to put more thought and planning into the locations of any future tattoos. Will X spot work for the shape and design of said tattoo? How about Y spot? Does Z spot even have room for what I want? Not that I really regret any of my 40+ tattoos; I’m just running out of room.
My legs are relatively roomy when it comes to blank canvas, as is my torso below the chest and above the belly button. There are a few places on my arms, but because any tattoo of a decent size is going to kind of wrap around the arm I have to take that into consideration.
Regardless of where the sword ends up, I am excited to get it done. It’s been entirely too long since my last tattoo lol