Obstinate Characters, Fickle Muse

It’s funny, but also true. Sometimes, the characters take on minds of their own, and they want what they want regardless of the mood you’re in.

The problem is, I can’t write when I’m not jiving with the same mood as the characters. Right now, I’m sure my main character’s harem is knee deep in blue balls as I struggle to figure out what they’re going to do next. LOL

I’m sure I’ll beat my way past this block and get the scene written, but it’s frustrating when the characters insist on doing something you’re not in the mood to write. I mean, they couldn’t just … talk? Y’know, discuss the plot and move it that way. Except this is where the story’s going, and it’s where I have to follow.

I’ve learned a long time ago that beating my characters into submission does nothing for the narrative. If they say a certain type of scene is needed, they generally know what they’re talking about. I mean, they’re the ones “living” it, right? So if anyone’s going to know what’s what, it’ll be them.

I just wish they’d clue me in ahead of time.

While I’ll be glad to be out of this dreaded quarantine, I’ll miss my writing time. It’s back to the early mornings before work for me soon, and that means my progress will slow considerably. I’ve tried to adjust my goals and deadlines accordingly, but it’s still a matter of “Can I do this once I go back to work?”

Won’t be a choice, though. It’s gonna be write or die, as it were, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lie down and quit without a fight. I’ll get this done–you bet your ass I wll–but it might take me longer than I had hoped.

At least I’m ahead. I had been aiming to have Hell’s Hunters to my editor two days ago, but it’s already formatted and uploaded for the preorder. Yep, I’m a full two weeks plus ahead of schedule, and that means the second Hell on Earth book, Hell’s Rejects, is well ahead of schedule too. I mean, I had been hoping to start it around this time, but I’m already almost halfway through. If today goes well–and my characters start to behave–I might end up halfway before the day is out.

Time will tell. Right now, time’s telling me I’d better get my ass moving if I’m going to get this shit done.

Let’s see if my characters behave better now that I’ve given them some cool-down time.