Newsletters and Book Fairs and BookBub, Oh My!

^^ Pretty snazzy, huh? ^^ Thanks to my publisher, who clued me in to this opportunity, I have joined an online book fair for sci-fi and fantasy books.

C. L. Cannon’s Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair is all about good sci-fi and fantasy books, and Abnormal is right in the thick of it. From today, November 15, 2019, through December 15, 2019, the book fair will run. There will be contests, prizes, discounts, and more! If you’ve been looking for a few new must-reads, the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair is the place to be

That’s not the only news I have for you: I’m also starting a newsletter for my writing/publishing updates. It’s late, and I’m tired, but starting tomorrow I hope to have a functional newsletter to send out to subscribers. This is to fulfill multiple roles, the most notable to keep you, the reader, informed of what’s going on with my Abnormal series, my upcoming romance novella, and more.

In addition, I am going to start sharing more reviews and recommendations on my BookBub profile. Maybe a giveaway or two? Time–and budget–will tell, but I’m hopeful that I can get something together soon. Maybe not in time for the holiday season, but the new year isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

The BookBub profile is getting more attention because it’s vital in a new project. Bottom line, I need followers. I’ve neglected that resource for far too long. Now is the time to act. To utilize it, to make it work for me. Network and all that.

More will be coming on the the book fair in the morning, along with (hopefully) a new link on this site to subscribe to the newsletter. Have suggestions for content? Use the contact form at the bottom of my home page to tell me what you’d like to see!

For right now, I’m going to crash after a long, long day!